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Who We Are

Deigex is a Delaware Charitable Nonstock Exempt Corporation qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a tax-exempt organization, operating internationally for scientific, educational, and charitable purposes. 

We conduct activities that help small business grow according to the IRS Activity Codes.

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What we do

We Help You Grow Yourself With Technology!

The sky is the limit. Technology has reduced the distance between people across the world. From communicating, buying & selling, social media impact to app development and research, technology is allowing us to move forward. 

Everyone has to adopt these new tools available to make the most we can from the future. 

Business Strategy
Web App
Mobile App
Social Media
Internet Marketing
Energy Projects


Exempt Purposes

As a non-profit we are qualified to conduct activities as defined by the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) in any other state, territory, dependency, or foreign country. 

One criterion for 501(c)(3) status is that the activities of Deigex must be primarily for at least one tax-exempt purpose—chose three: scientific, educational, and/or charitable. We focus these activities to support small business.

NTEE-CC U40 – Engineering & Technology

Scientific, IRS Rev. Rul. 65-60, 1965-1 C.B. 231

NTEE-CC W70 – Leadership Development

Educational, IRS Rev. Rul. 76-205, 1976-1 C.B. 154

NTEE-CC S43 – Small Business Development

Charitable, IRS Rev. Rul. 74-587, 1974-2 C.B. 162

NTEE-CC U41 – Computer Science

Scientific, IRS Rev. Rul. 65-60, 1965-1 C.B. 231​

NTEE-CC O53 – Youth Development – Business

Educational, IRS Rev. Rul. 76-205, 1976-1 C.B. 154​

NTEE-CC T50 – Philanthropy, Charity & Voluntarism Promotion

Charitable, IRS Rev. Rul. 74-587, 1974-2 C.B. 162​

We Help You Grow Your Business With Technology!

We make available to you our expertise in top notch technologies currently available so you can get more customers. We charge a small fee depending on the service to cover our operating cost.

“Technology will be a must for every person and small business in the near future and Deigex is here to help with the transition.”

Carlos E. Morales
” Education in technology across all societies is a must and we are creating the spaces for this to happen. ”

Silvia Corcoran

We Are Here For You

Let’s do things better, we are here to help. Reach out to us to talk and to talk about technologies and how to get its great benefits.

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