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We have many programs where you can put your talents in the service of others or if you prefer you can create your own. Click here to see a list of all activities you can organize. Connect with us, and send us a message.

Tech for God

The Tech For God program has as purpose to use the new technology available to take the Gospel to all people in the world.

We have different projects under Tech For God as follows:

  • Let’s Pray. Online prayer and Bible study.
  • From Genesis to Apocalypse. Video and audio content to meditate and study the Bible on the go. 
  • God Tells You Today. Daily Bible message to share with subscribers.
  • Gospel Project. Fundraising for the Catholic channel in El Salvador.



Online Business Hacks

Every day technology improves the way of doing things. Business Hacks (BH) program will dice and slice how to use technology to maximize benefits.

BH takes a deep dive into technologies available for business and other business hacks on:

  • Advertisement Technology
  • Online Processes 
  • Renewable Energy
  • Business Opportunities





The Techie program goes over everything a youth needs to know about the technology industry and how to utilize all its potential.

Techie goes over the following topics:

  • Youth App. App development made simple.
  • Web Development. How to create an online presence.
  • Career Advice. Technology is such a big field that having a persons to talk to is always helpful.
  • App Developer Bootcamp. One-on-one e guidance for app development. Designed for beginners.



Dignity House

This 2020 has been a difficult year but thanks to your donations and help from volunteers it was possible to built a small house for Don Jose Domingo Reyes of 64 years old and to change the roof to Doña Catalina Martínez located around Ciudad Arce, El Salvador. 

Special thanks to: 

  • Donors: Melgar Familiy (Hilda, Brenda, Tere, Paty, Martha), Marta Eugenia Chacón, Mauricio Ayala and Silvia Corcoran. 
  • Volunteers from Ciudad Arce Parish, Carlos Argumedo, Father Edgardo and Father Edwin.

Join us keep expanding the reach to more people in need.



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