Dignity House

This 2020 has been a difficult year but thanks to your donations and help from volunteers it was possible to built a small house for Don Jose Domingo Reyes of 64 years old and to change the roof to Doña Catalina Martínez located around Ciudad Arce, El Salvador. 

Special thanks to: 

– Donors: Melgar Familiy (Hilda, Brenda, Tere, Paty, Martha), Marta Eugenia Chacón and Mauricio Ayala. 

– Volunteers from Ciudad Arce Parish, Carlos Argumedo, Father Edgardo and Father Edwin.

To keep helping more people this 2021, we will need help from all of you. 

Food & Cloths Bank Program

The Food and Cloths Bank Program’s main beneficiaries are the most vulnerable people from all the American Continent living in poverty, and in desperate need of these basic services. Unfortunately, poverty and extreme poverty in Central America is pervasive, there is a high percentage of the population that lives below the poverty line. Most of these people live from agriculture, have little or no education at all, making it for them to struggle accessing these basic needs of any human being.

Gospel Project

The Catholic channel in El Salvador is a faith and love work for soul salvation.  During the pandemic has been a great spiritual component that every person needs to ask for health, happiness and hope. Specially for those affected directly, their family, health workers and all Salvadorans.  This project looks forward to raise funds to sustain the costs involved to maintain transmitting hope and the Gospel in all the country.

Fair Trade Project

They have art, passion, and hard work on their hands. We are here to open doors to help them thrive in their small entrepreneurships to help them become sosteinable in time.


This project will enhance micro entrepreneurs to colocate their products in the US & Canada market. The project will give assistance with business education, web design, online marketing, product transportation and warehousing. When you donate to this project you are helping create wealth and economy in their home countries.


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