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Who We Are

Deigex Inc. is a Delaware Charitable Nonstock Exempt Corporation qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a tax-exempt organization, operating internationally for scientific, educational, and charitable purposes.

As a §509(a)(2) publicly supported organization, Deigex Inc. receives few gifts or grants from governmental units, and normally receives gross receipts from permitted sources, and not more than one-third of its financial support from gross investment income.

“After a Pandemic that has so deeply affected our economy, there has not been better time to bridge and embrace technology than now.”

– Carlos E. Morales, CEO

Carlos E. Morales

Chief Executive Officer


Silvia Corcoran



Javier Palma

Business Development


Eric Palma

Volunteer & Lead Software Engineer 


Our Mission

Empower every person and small local business to benefit from available technology.

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Our donors

We thank our partners that support our operations with their generous donations to bring support to local businesses and help them thrive.